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We’ve spent years studying the behavior and psychology of millions of single people and couples to bring you powerful tools that can dramatically improve your chances of finding love.

Assessments that give you accurate and unexpected insights about how you date, what kind of partner you are, and what you really need from a relationship.

Personalized, life-changing action plans to help you overcome unconscious negative tendencies, break bad habits, and help you find love faster.

My results were filled with feedback I needed to hear, including things my friends have probably wanted to say to me but didn’t think they could. - J.C., New York

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Choose an assessment that fits your situation.


Answer some multiple choice questions. Assessments typically take 5-15 minutes to complete. The questions are fun & easy to answer but are based in science, and powered by technology.


Get your results immediately, along with a 90-day action plan created just for you. The plan includes weekly goals, reminders and exercises specific to your unique needs, delivered regularly by email or SMS.

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Assessments are surprisingly accurate and filled with eye-opening, actionable insights you can’t get anywhere else.

Love 360
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Perfect for singles!

Our most comprehensive assessment, Love 360 will give you powerful (and even surprising) insights about how you operate in dating & relationships, and the habits that might be keeping you stuck.

Some things you'll discover:
  • Your defining strengths as a partner
  • How you express love, and how you want a partner to show you love
  • Your biggest insecurities, bad habits, and challenges in dating & relationships
  • Your communication & conflict management styles
  • How comfortable you are with intimacy and vulnerability, and how open you are to commitment
  • The kind of partner you actually need vs the kind of partner you're drawn to
  • The three areas you should focus on most in order to increase your chances of finding love
  • and much more, including a personalized 90-day plan to help you get what you want in love
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Love, Lust or Bust
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Ideal for
new or

We'll help you figure out if that person you’re in a relatioship with (or just started seeing) is a good fit. We’ll dig into your needs, the signals they’ve been sending, and everything else to suss out must-have insights.

Some things you'll discover:
  • Everything included in Love 360, plus:
  • The qualities you need in a partner in order to feel happy and secure, and whether this person appears to have those attributes
  • Traits this person appears to have that are good for you, and those that may be challenging for you
  • The reasons you seem to be drawn to this person and whether those reasons are consistent with what you need
  • The level of interest you and this person seem to have in each other, and whether the connection is driven by love, lust, or something else
  • Whether this relationship is likely to be a fulfilling or draining experience for you
  • and much more, including a personalized 90-day plan to help you get what you want out of this relationship and love in general
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Ex Factor
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Struggling with a breakup? We’ll give you insights about your relationship and your ex so you can make sense of what happened, better understand what you need, and move on.

Some things you'll discover:
  • Everything included in Love 360, plus:
  • The qualities you need in a partner and to what extent your ex seems to have those qualities
  • The defining features of your relationship, and where your relationship falls on our “healthiness” spectrum
  • The biggest drivers of the chemistry and connection between you and your ex, and the challenges that may have doomed the relationship
  • The thinking and patterns you may have brought to the relationship and how they may have impacted the dynamic
  • How attached you seem to be to your ex, and what that attachment appears to be based on
  • Whether the relationship still has potential and is worth a second look
  • and much more, including a personalized 90-day plan to help you process your feelings and find happiness, either with your ex or someone new
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What People Are Saying

Washington, DC
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

This is one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself. All my friends are getting married and I’m still single and so tired of dating. My assessment showed me how defining my frustration and bitterness is and how it’s limiting my life. My 90 day plan is all about helping me change that and I’m loving it so far! It’s like having a really strong, smart, opinionated friend keeping you honest and focused every day.

Clarksville, TN
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

I did the Love Lust assessment because I’d been seeing this guy for a few weeks and some things didn’t feel quite right. And wow, my assessment did not mince words --basically told me to run like hell. In my gut, I knew that was right. I think I just needed a second opinion to tell me what I already knew. I’ve started getting messages as part of my “plan” and they’re exactly what I need. Thank you!

College Station, TX
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

I thought the “assessments” might be like Buzzfeed-type quizzes you see on Facebook but they’re totally not. Very substantial, personalized and give you a lot of juicy info about yourself (and your bad habits haha) that is actually helpful. Mine was super interesting and I’ve told my friends to do it!

Twin Falls, ID
★ ★ ★ ★

I was skeptical but my results were scarily accurate! The areas they said I need to work on were not at all what I expected but they were right on. I’ll definitely recommend this to my friends. Also, the messages sweetn sends are pretty helpful and thought provoking. Very relevant to my quirks.

New York, NY
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

I don’t know what kind of voodoo is behind this site but it’s like they’re in my head and it’s uh-mazing. Everything in my results made so much sense and it felt like it was written specifically for me. None of my friends even know me this well. It’s crazy! And I love love LOVE the daily messages! I hope I can extend them beyond 90 days??

Hollywood, CA
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

I took the Ex Factor test because I’m having a srsly hard time figuring out what to do with my ex, who I’m still hanging out with. The test broke things down for me clearly. It basically helped me understand that I’m in this for all the wrong reasons and went into details about everything. I’m notsure what I’m going to do yet but I like the texts they’re sending for the 90 day plan part. Signing up for this has really forced me to think and is worth it.